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NASA Solar System Ambassadors

As NASA volunteers, we are charged with bringing news of NASA events, activities and missions to our local community. We are available for online and in-person presentations to community and school groups. We can also create topic-specific videos for use on your websites or for viewing in the future.

Contact us to schedule

  • an in-person or online presentation

  • a tabletop or specialized presentation

  • to answer a NASA-related question


Our current available presentations. We can create custom presentation for your group by request.

  • A Tour of the Solar System through current and past space missions

  • Are We Alone? The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

  • Mars in the Movies and Popular Culture 

  • New Horizons Mission to Pluto and Beyond

  • The James Webb Telescope

  • Apollo Moon Landing and Artemis

  • Coffee in Space

  • Mars Perseverance: Finding Ancient Signs of Life on Mars

  • The Search for Water on Mars

  • 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Table Top Events

We also can do table top displays on various topics or we can customize one for your group.

  • The James Webb Telescope

  • Coffee in Space

Comments and views  expressed by Solar System Ambassadors are our own and in no way reflect the opinions or policies of the various individuals or agencies for whom we volunteer.

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